One Girl's Journey to Saturday Night Live

My name is Lauren Bancroft and I'm from Nashua, NH. I started this Tumblr in December of 2010 to document my path to go from who and where I am now, to being a cast member of Saturday Night Live. I have a realistic plan with attainable goals that I work very hard at every week. I do stand up. I study improv. I write. I work hard. Ten phases. Eight years. One goal.

Twitter - @Bancroffed

I trust in my plan to move to NYC by June of 2014. I believe that I will surviveĀ anotherĀ 17 months at my day job. I know that I cannot fix the problems that make my work days stressful before I leave. But the point is that I will leave. I just have to be okay until then.

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