One Girl's Journey to Saturday Night Live

My name is Lauren Bancroft and I'm from Nashua, NH. I started this Tumblr in December of 2010 to document my path to go from who and where I am now, to being a cast member of Saturday Night Live. I have a realistic plan with attainable goals that I work very hard at every week. I do stand up. I study improv. I write. I work hard. Ten phases. Eight years. One goal.

Twitter - @Bancroffed

Wicked Funny 2 Kick Starter Plan!

Notion Films is making a three years later follow up sequel to their first comedy documentary Wicked Funny that interviewed several comics who started out at The Shaskeen in Manchester, NH.

They will be interviewing comics they talked to for the first installment and also showing some new talent from the area as well! (I am truly honored to be a part of this.) Notion Films has started a Kick Starter campaign to help cover costs and really get this off the ground. Contributions of any size are welcome!

(And if you donate, tell me and I’ll plug the crap out of you on here with a love letter I’ll write just for you.)

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