One Girl's Journey to Saturday Night Live

My name is Lauren Bancroft and I'm from Nashua, NH. I started this Tumblr in December of 2010 to document my path to go from who and where I am now, to being a cast member of Saturday Night Live. I have a realistic plan with attainable goals that I work very hard at every week. I do stand up. I study improv. I write. I work hard. Ten phases. Eight years. One goal.

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I had such a great time going out with friends and Boston comics Danielle Soto (Lion King top) and India Pearl (the most precious leather jacketed sailor lady) in North Hollywood last night.

I can’t tell you how happy I am since they moved to Los Angeles. Them being here is a big reason I’m not as homesick.

What am I doing wrong?

What am I doing wrong?

Quick Mouthypants Review

Went well! I did five completely new minutes and felt good for a first run through. It felt like it had a beginning, middle and an end, and it’s something I worked out in the car on the way to the bar. Maybe Talking things out is how I should approach writing especially when physical writing or typing feels like pulling teeth. My name was pulled from the bucket almost as soon as I got there so I didn’t have time to chicken out. Success. I got to talk to my favorite person (so far) I’ve met in the LA comedy scene (Tom Farnan) for a while and got to hang out with Danielle.

Great night guys.

Getting ready to head up to Mouthypants tonight.

I’m meeting Danielle Soto there and Jeff May is hosting. Should be a fun night. Not sure what I’m doing. Maybe some new stuff! Woo.

(The Other Door in North Hollywood, free comedy starts at 8 PM)


The first promos of #SNL40 are here, starring our dashing host Chris Pratt, Kate McKinnon and lots of pickles! 

It’s coming!

I understand Twitter. I get it.

I understand Twitter. I get it.

This is an all girl show, so guys if you aren’t getting laid tonight… [you’re doing something wrong].

Male host to the audience on the show I did in Long Beach, CA tonight


Claremont Graduate University Show In Review

So the show on Saturday went just alright. It was a  free show in the common room in the graduate dorms on a Saturday night so I thought there might be more of a crowd. I’ve done two past shows there and they were both a lot of fun but this one felt different. 

The crowd was about nine people, one comic brought six and another comic brought three. The three left right after his set so there were six for me. They were nice. I was supposed to do ten minutes but went short and did seven. If it were paid I wouldn’t have gone under but I wasn’t really having a good set or a good time.

I want to talk about the room itself for a sec.

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