One Girl's Journey to Saturday Night Live

My name is Lauren Bancroft and I'm from from Nashua, NH.

I started this Tumblr in December of 2010 to document my path to go from who and where I am now, to being a cast member of Saturday Night Live. I have a realistic plan with attainable goals that I work very hard at every week.

I do stand up. I study improv. I write. I work hard.

Ten phases. Eight years. One goal.
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I read over 3,000 job postings today.

I will find a god damn job.

Job Search In Review, Real Talk.

The Deal: I moved from NH to LA six weeks ago. I got a job then quit because it was terrible (like really terrible) and haven’t found a replacement job yet. I’m okay for now but I’m getting a little worried because I have a roughly three month timeframe to stay at my sister’s. And without an at least sort of solid job in CA finding my own place might be tough.

I know it’s almost 3 AM but I’m not losing sleep over it yet. (I’m only up this late because I was finishing season eight of Scrubs.)

I may need to get a restaurant job for the short term while I keep looking for a day job. I’ll apply to some restaurants this week. I like LA so far, but I’ll like it even more when someone is paying me to be useful.

I guess I’m just feeling a bit discouraged guys. I’m all for staying positive but I had so much purpose back home with my three jobs. Now I just feel like I’m not helping anyone. Not really making a difference. I know I’ll get a job eventually. I will. Just seems like such a bear.

Happy Easter guys!

Happy Easter guys!

Got to check out some improv last night.

Marvin took me to see a show at The Clubhouse. It’s real close my sister’s and they apparently have shows every night of the week.

The host is in the cast of Doctor Who Live. I saw her in January. She’s quite good. All the teams on the show were good. It’s a good place. I’ll be back there soon.


Job Search Update

I was babysitting my older sister today because she got her wisdom teeth out yesterday. I spent a few hours sending out resumes. Just plugging along.

Plug. Plug. Plug.

I was so pleased to have been invited to be an extra in this great Easter sketch. Check out their other videos and subscribe to The Kids Table on YouTube!

Flappers Comedy Club In Review

So Tuesday night was my first show in six weeks. It went really well. I wasn’t super nervous even though I had four people come out to see me. I did exactly six minutes and there was a tiny bit of crowd interaction in my closing joke.

I hate that I feel like I get bigger laughs when I’m off the cuff than my jokes actually get. This isn’t a new feeling and I’m sure it just means I should be a bit looser and allow myself to be flexible. Crowd work usually works for me, so why don’t I try it out more?

But the show was a good one! Great crowd. Met a few nice comics. Now the question is when and where is my next one? I’m coming for you LA comedy scene.

Six weeks of rust just fell away. I’m back in the game.

I am really itching for Flappers.

It’s been about six weeks since my last set. I hope tonight is a good show. I’m sure it will be.

Although last time I went to this club, the host asked if the audience was having fun after all 13 comics. It got tired quick. It was still a good show overall though.

I’m sticking with jokes I know work. Nothing new tonight. I’ll save my new ideas for the open mics I plan on exploring. Woo! Wish me luck guys.

I am pretty excited for tomorrow night.

Tuesday 4/15 is my first show since moving to Los Angeles. I’ll be telling some jokes in the Yoohoo Room at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank. Show starts at 9:30; $10 cover.